“The port is the main part of the community. It’s just strengthened the bond and ties as far as making it a better place to live, better place to work…It has a lot of tentacles going in different directions. They’ve helped Portland, Port Aransas, Rockland, surrounding areas. Not only do they help Corpus Christi, they give back to other communities.”

– Terry Mills, President, Corpus Christi Chapter of NAACP

“The Port of Corpus Christi is a vital partner to Del Mar College. We have a symbiotic relationship: the port being one of the truest forms of an economic driver, and we, as a comprehensive community college, preparing people for the workforce…So I think that really the past 10 years is only the beginning of the evolution of the port.”

– Mark Escamilla, President and CEO, Del Mar College

“After Harvey, the port and a lot of other bigger entities came together for everybody in the community and they really came together and helped everybody out who needed it. It’s kind of was surreal how much everybody pitched in to help…It wasn’t about business anymore; it was about just helping the residents here.”

– Amanda Davis, Resident of Corpus Christi