Economic Benefits

Lone Star Ports is a Texas-Sized project that will help build a better economy and a brighter future for the Coastal Bend region of Texas through tax revenue, creation of high-paying jobs and other economic factors.

According to an economic impact study conducted by the Perryman Group, the construction and operation of the Harbor Island Export Terminal will lead to more than 300 permanent jobs in the Corpus Christi region and thousands of indirect jobs across Texas and around the world.

The Perryman Group estimates that construction of the facilities would lead to an estimated $1.9 billion in output (gross product) for the state of Texas, and, once operational, the project is expected to generate business activity of $36.7 million for the state (gross product) each year. In addition, the terminal and related facilities will enable further development of Texas oil reserves by providing access to global markets.

Economic Benefits Chart

“In the last decade, something like 80 percent of all jobs created in our market are either directly or indirectly supported by the energy sector and almost all of that is related to the port and related industries… This project’s going to have a multi-million dollar impact throughout the state of Texas. Those jobs are going to be felt throughout our region. It’s going to be felt in all three counties of the coastal bend, felt by everybody from the car dealers to the restaurants to professional services companies.”

– Iain Vasey, President and CEO, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation

“People that come to work in Corpus, there’s enough sustainable work here to keep them here for many years, they can come here and buy a house and have a family and send their kids to school here.”

– Berry Patterson, Vice President, Bay Ltd.

“They’re not only creating jobs, but they are creating good, high paying jobs.”

– Charlie Zahn, Chairman, Port of Corpus Christi